AnyService is the first GIG social network in the world.

AnyService will reward users who help us spread our network with AnyCoins that can be used for various features on the platform.

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GIG market's problems

AnyService team identified a huge gap between existing platforms and its users so we decided to make the people platform!

High Fees

Current GIG platforms charge their users unfair amounts that

go up to 20% of agreed GIG. 

No efficient way to resolve a problem

When a problem between users occurs, there is no fast and fair way to resolve it. You can’t rely on customer service to help, can you?

Expensive, Biased and Slow Arbitration

Even if the platform does have arbitration, it’s very expensive, unfair, and slow.

Poorly Defined Contracts

This leads to unsatisfied clients, cancellations, delayed deliveries,

and a different viewpoint of work.

Dissatisfied Users

AnyService is a solution for people!

Low Fees - up to 5%

Clearly Defined Contract System

Innovative Arbitration

Blockchain Technology

Fiat and Crypto Payments

Since the platform is not ready to launch we will not disclose all upcoming innovations,

but STAY tuned and join our social network platforms for further information.

As we get closer to the official launch, we will DISCLOSE more features of OUR platform.


Stay tuned!